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homeboy clothing street wear shop cyprus


Baggy pants, comfortable and flexible, for ease of movement while performing a trick or your everyday life chores. Lightweight but resistant materials / construction. Stylish accessories and clothing that feel old school, like they came out of a classic hip hop poster. Homeboy put the words street wear and skate wear in the European market in the late 80s. Today, their iconic pants are upgraded while having the same vibe that shook the industry back in the day. The signature x-tra baggy is here to stay. Find jeans, chinos, corduroy pants, sweatshirts, waist bags, caps and more goods at Stay_K online skate shop.

"HOMEBOY Loud Couture!"

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Like Stay_K skate shop does with all the companies it stocks, we looked into Homeboy's history and we say they got a long and fascinating one. We won't get into detail of how they came about here, but our customers have to know that Homeboy was the first European brand to introduce baggy pants, when in the US there were only two other brands. So, they have a background in street wear / skate wear and clothing manufacturing since '88, and in extreme sports since the late 70s (owner, Jürgen Wolf is a surfer and used to work at a surf shop / school as a teenager). Homeboy is a family business ran by father and son.

Homeboy was represented by artists of hip hop and rock music like Wu-Tang Clan, Cypress Hill, Korn, Rage against the Machine, Mobb Deep and more, as well as of graffiti. The company, besides skaters, was involved in and associated with snowboard, BMX, Surf and Moto-X athletes. Now, they have a strong team of well-famous pro EU skateboarders. To name a few: Daniel Ledermann, Wanja Bach, Panos Loupis, Matheus Dubronks,  Mario Ungerer, Loco Papi, Rios Crew.

homeboy clothing street wear shop cyprus
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homeboy clothing street wear shop cyprus
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