Stay_K Campaign reflects who we are

...besides skateboarding,

or better,

skateboarding but not limited to.

Discovered a new spot for a photoshoot.

★ It's like finding a spot to skate aka perform a trick.

✔ See the potential.

Imagine what needs to be done to achieve a good result.

✔ Make plans.

✔ Get your ass out there and make it happen.

★ Be always on the lookout.

Respect the place you work at, its inhabitants and its surroundings.

✔ Admire and appreciate the architecture.

★ More than people who wanna fight you because of a waxed curb or a scratched bench.

✔ Caught myself, again, counting steps on a flight of stairs.

✔ Caught myself, again, daydreaming about the next trip and the next trick.

✔ Take one moment to gaze upon the scenery.

★ Another day in the office.

← ←

← ←

← ←

The Office

← ←

← ←

← ←

Cameras and skateboards go hand in hand.

✔ Extra batteries, tripods, flashes, lenses. Knowledge.

✘ Can't travel lightly.

✔ Does my hype fit in the bag? Yeap, add plenty of it.

★ Skateboarders/Filmers who push the limit in front of the camera, as well as behind it:

Chris Gregson of Blood Wizard, Gustav Tønnesen of Sour Skateboards and more.

★ Skateboarders/Filmers who ended up from the streets to Hollywood: Spike Jonze.

✔ Capture the moves, the good times on the road, the skater's lifestyle.

✔ See the world differently to be able to capture this essence.

Inspire others.

✔ Click.

Do-It-Yourself aka DIY mentality.

✔ Living in Cyprus. One more reason to pursue that mentality.

✘ Learned its importance the difficult way. Irrelevant people tried to take advantage of skateboarding and my love for it, a 100 times.

✔ Skateboarding taught me how to fall and get back up.

✔ Taught me how to guide my own fate.

★ The above sound like a good starter pack.

✔ Support like-minded individuals.

✔ Behind the camera:

Only a skate-rat knows how to shoot it aesthetically right.

Promote it ethically right. Easy. Just be yourself.

Embrace the classic, as well as the modern.

✔ 4K resolution 4:3 aspect ratio (old tv ratio). Let's do this.

✔ Do you think we can use this classic old camera for the new Stay_K collection campaign?

✔ Legendary skate spot. Let's shoot something here, even though it won't involve any actual skating.

We are who we are on and off the skateboard. Stay_K Streetwear reflects just that.

Soul, Core Skateboarding and Culture!

Find all new and classic pieces through this link:

Words by Christos Yiannaki.

Photography by Tony Josephides, Elena Adamou, Christos Yiannaki.

Modeling by Tasos Panayi, Michelle, Sophie, Timur, Yiannaki, Varsia Adamou, Artemis Kazamias, Panos Makri.

Other Contributors: Michalis Voskou, Evan Anastasi and all the hosts at #UglySides!

@Sour.Sisters.Project for the Tie Dye Collab.

Thank you all very much!

#Stay_K #Skateboards & #Streetwear

#skatelife #fashion #skateboarding #lifestyle #diy


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