21st June 2020 in B&W

Photography by Charalambos Georgiades.

Shot on Fujifilm Xpro3, originally in black and white,

with a Fujinon 16mm f2.8 lens.

Charalambos aka @photogeneia is not at all new in photography nor in skateboarding. So, it was a pleasure having him at our last event, having brought some of his equipment, ready to shoot what was going down. He very well captured few of the MVPs out there on their tricks and moments from well-spotted angles, like he knows best. We are happy that Charalambos' response was really positive about making this post for the Stay_K website's blog, to gather these B&W beauties all in one place. So, it's even more of a pleasure to share this collection of pictures from Go Skateboarding Day with you. Enjoy!

Tony Josephides - Airwalk

Cliché sometimes is good and such: "It's all about how you get back up, when you fall."

Kickflip up these famous 7 stairs on a DIY kicker made by the Kame Hame Jam crew. F**k Yeah. Thanks for the add-on guys!

Tasos Panayi - Bs Tailslide

Charalambos in stealth mode.


Tasos with his go-to huge af Benihanas!

Charis Ioannou celebrating #goskateday.

Robbie - Bs 180


This may look like a simple 5050, but it was more like a 5050 to nose thingy on the edge of the ledge, to overcrook shove-it out. I don't even know. Ask Nipa about the name or, in the meantime, watch it in the video down below.

Ollie into the kicker

Thank you for rolling by. Now, stay tuned for one more post about 21st June, coming soon, with photographs by our dearest George V. Last but not least, you can watch (or re-watch) the official video from the event here:

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